Mysterious Ghost Choir heard at Thetford Priory


Thetford priory is known for its ghost sightings, with multiple visitors claiming to see robed monks watching them from afar. There have been stories of these apparitions running at visitors, and even causing them to vomit. It is even said you can sometimes hear them singing in Latin. Considering the priory’s long and violent history it’s no surprise many believe the site to be haunted.26133624_10157032856094488_756128514_oThetford priory was founded in 1103 by Rodger Bigod, the first Earl of Norfolk. But shortly after building began on the site, he died. The monks buried him on priory grounds, but the body was quickly moved. The Bishop of Norwich forcibly stole the body and laid Bigod to rest in his cathedral, which was founded 7 years earlier. This was the beginning of hundreds of year’s unrest at the site.26133018_10157032855039488_365850856_oIn the 13th Century a vision of the Virgin Mary appeared to locals, and later a statue of the saint was found. During restoration the monks discovered the icon had a hollow head- inside were multiple relics, including the grave-clothes of Lazarus.  The site became a place of pilgrimage for many hoping to see the holy items.26194977_10157032855649488_1908773644_oUnfortunately, the priory would not stay peaceful for long, in 1248 a welsh monk stabbed another during a dispute. His victim died in front of the church doors.

The unrest at Thetford only continued, during a riot in 1313 multiple monks were slain inside the church. It seems the aim was theft as multiple high value items were taken from the priory.

In the 16th century, during Henry the 8ths reign he ordered the monastery to be disposed of, and for the second time multiple bodies were removed from the site- including that of his own son. The monks were forced to surrender their church, and the site was left to decay.26145240_10157032855899488_1203914110_oWe recently visited the priory and whilst there picked up some mysterious sound through our camera audio. You can listen to the EVP by watching the video at the start of this post- please bear with my awkwardness I am still getting use to speaking on camera! The mysterious sounds are at 2:25 in the video.



Southends Haunted Pier

Southend pier (Essex) was built in 1830 and currently stretches just under a mile and a half out into the Thames Estuary. It is most famous for being the longest pier in the world.

The structure has survived two world wars, multiple boat crashes and fires, and has it’s own railway running to the end and back. The railway was first built in 1890 by the Cromptons and has been through multiple remodeling and repairs throughout the years.

The pier has a long and disastrous history so it is no surprise that many believe it to be haunted. Continue reading “Southends Haunted Pier”

The Green Children of Woolpit

In the 12th Century two children, one boy and one girl, were found together at the bottom of a wolf pit, not far from the small town of Woolpit. It is said they had green skin, wore strange clothes and spoke in an unknown language. With several contemporary accounts confirming this discovery, the Green Children of Woolpit remains one of Suffolks biggest mysteries.

suffolk mysteries

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suffolk ufo

Is Rendlesham the UK’s Roswell? UFO sightings in Suffolk.

In the early hours of the 26th December in 1980 several military personal claimed to see strange lights over Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. Sgt. Penniston was one of the first to investigate the scene and when asked what had happened he replied ‘What I once believed is no more, and what I’ve witnessed, defies all that I have ever imagined.’ Continue reading “Is Rendlesham the UK’s Roswell? UFO sightings in Suffolk.”

The Legend of Old Shuck

For hundreds of years across the UK sightings of a mysterious black dog haunting country side roads and graveyards has been reported in almost every small village. Almost all UK counties claim to hold the origin story for this phenomena. Bungay, a small town in Suffolk, is no exception and boasts their own creation story for the ghost wolf. Old Shuck, the daemon dog, was first spotted just minutes away from it’s town center. Standing tall over it’s main street Bungay still proudly displays the running black wolf. Continue reading “The Legend of Old Shuck”

Is Landguard Fort the Most Haunted Place in Suffolk?

The unexplained phenomena at the haunted Fort Landguard has been well documented both in literature and online. From phantom carriages to body-less voices the fort has been a hub for the supernatural, leading many people believe that this is the most haunted place in Suffolk. Continue reading “Is Landguard Fort the Most Haunted Place in Suffolk?”